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Jul 2, 2021

Lisa Easton spent 15+ years of her career in direct support to ultra-high-net-worth executives (multi-billionaires), managing projects for some of the most highly influential individuals in the world.  

Admiring the lives they had created for themselves, she seized the opportunity to learn exactly how they were able to manifest and attract the lives of their dreams.  

It surprises most that, just three years ago, Lisa was struggling financially and left with over $55K of debt after a difficult divorce. Odds against her, this single mother of four and very passionate entrepreneur, tapped into all that she had learned and turned everything around.  

Lisa not only manifested large amounts of money and began attracting wealth, but she attracted the love of her life and is on the fast track to incredible financial success with a thriving business. 

In February 2020, Lisa launched the Millionaire Morning Mama community in order to teach women how to reprogram their subconscious minds to attract life-changing abundance and master their financial outcomes in just 30 days!  

Combining her background in business ownership and financial freedom with her 10+ years experience mentoring female entrepreneurs and business owners, Lisa's MMM community is a perfect fusion of her expertise, her experiences and her heart for women from all walks of life.

In this episode, Lisa Easton shares what patterns she saw in the everyday life of the billionaires she worked for, which she also teaches in her programs.

Instagram: @lisameaston

Learn more about Lisa and her flagship program here.

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