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May 22, 2020

Errin Smith is the creator of the What We Crave Emotional Eating Summit.

Errin, also known as That Health Chick, has had a solid career in the health and wellness space for over 10 years, working with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Dr. Zach Bush and Dr. Dan Pompa and many more.

She has highly reputable experience in advanced protocols for fasting, detox, nutrition, and microbiome health. She is also an athlete, fitness fanatic, health nut, and is obsessed with mindset and personal development … no wonder she’s called that health chick.

She's also the founder of Spontaneous Halos, a random acts of kindness movement. But more recently she hosted and produced an online summit called What We Crave on the ever so fascinating topic of…emotional eating.

She’s interviewed some serious rockstars and let me tell you this summit is going to give so much value to anyone struggling with understanding what is happening in the brain and what causes that black out/eff it/numb out/moment that causes emotional eating.

I was also a guest on this summit so I had to bring her on…and we are giving you a sneak peak… or I should say the firehose of what to expect. Because I know that every single person struggles with it or knows someone that is struggling with it and it. And everything we are going through today is absolutely critical for Inside Out Health.

Watch the summit HERE.