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Aug 5, 2019

William Shewfelt is the star of the TV show 'Power Rangers: Ninja Steel' on Netflix and Nickelodeon where he plays the Red Power Ranger. He is a two-time Kids Choice Awards nominee and a motivational speaker for young millennials.

He is the co-host of the Better, Stronger, Faster Podcast with Chris Bell.

He is also the creator of the Carnivore Shredding Program: How to Lose Fat and Build Muscle on the Carnivore Diet. 

On this episode, William shares his incredible journey going from broke and out of shape to manifesting his (literal) dream of becoming a tv star and incredibly fit.

He shares in detail the mentalities and action steps he took to turn his dreams into reality.

You can find William on Instagram at @WilliamShewfelt

and on his website: