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May 26, 2023

Eric Perner spent most of his early life and career on horseback learning the craft and trade of equine athletic competitions at the highest level. 

After competing nationwide as a professional journeymen jockey for 10 years he retired and completed his Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Tulsa, he has since received his Professional Engineering license and served in multiple executive roles in the O&G industry. 

Later he moved on from the extractive O&G industry and became a full time cattle rancher, Co-Founder/CEO of REP Provisions, a direct to consumer supplier of locally raised regenerative meats from local family farms, and COO of Rebellion Energy Solutions, a company focusing on the plugging of leaking O&G wells and the restoration of these lands to regenerative landscapes. 

He uses his diverse skill sets to develop unique environmental solutions in the Energy Industry and for various problems facing agriculture. Eric is an educator on the topic of regenerative agriculture and his unique insights show why cattle can be an intricate and necessary part of our grassland ecosystems; however, the improper management of cattle can lead to environmental degradation. 

Eric owns the Double P Ranch in Mounds, Oklahoma where they produce grass-fed beef, goat, lamb and pastured pork as part of the supply chain for REP Provisions. He operates his ranch as a Savory Global Business Hub to provide restoration grazing education and guidance for other local ranchers in the methods of holistic management to create the conditions that lead to the regeneration of our native grasslands. 

In this episode, Eric explains what’s so special about regenerative agriculture and why it’s the only way to move forward.

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00:03:00 - the difference between grass-fed meat and regeneratively raised meat

00:06:00 - what the nature cycles really do when you allow them to

00:10:00 - are animals destroying the planet?

00:13:00 - how grasslands actually work 

00:15:40 - the loss of nutrients in our food

00:26:00 - the spiritual aspect of the circle of life

00:31:30 - what lab testing on the Rep Provisions beef showed











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