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Nov 13, 2020

David Zappasodi has been a weight-loss professional for over 24 years, is an International Bestselling Author, and is the founder of Brain Flip Weight Loss. His approach, called “brain flipping,” is revolutionary in the world of weight loss, and is specifically designed for the most difficult weight loss cases… Those who have major food and body struggles… Those who have been frustrated and stuck for years or decades… And those who have tried every program out there…without ever having long-term success. And the approach that he uses is so radical, that the more stuck they’ve been…the easier it is to help them breakthrough and transform their life. His mission is to help people to awaken to the truth that is so simple that it dissolves their complex challenges, and helps them to see that they are so much more powerful than they ever realized before. Find him at: Get his book:

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