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Dec 10, 2021

Vivica Menegaz is a functional nutritionist with a holistic approach to healing, helping restore health & vitality through food, lifestyle, and detoxification.

In her web-based practice, Vivica specializes in endocrine rebalance and hormone-related issues, guiding women through a specialized healing journey using a therapeutic diet, empowering lifestyle, and detox/supplementation. 

In The Healing Foods Method, her highly individualized signature course, Vivica works one-on-one with people to help discover and eliminate the root cause of disease.

Vivica is also a well-known voice in the holistic nutrition community as a passionate advocate of therapeutic ketogenic and carnivore diets through her blog and social channels. Reconnecting with her roots, she found her way back to the kitchen to author four published cookbooks on healing foods.

In this episode, Vivica talks about holistic healing and the therapeutic approach of the ketogenic and carnivore diets.

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