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Sep 22, 2023

Prince Daniels, Jr. is a former NFL running back turned high performance mentor and author who lives by the mantra: “Nothing is impossible unless you truly believe it is.” 

Born in Houston, Texas currently residing in San Diego, California.

His personal story is one of determination and a true-to-life testimony that anything is possible. His football career began as a walk-on for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, where he earned his degree in Business Management.

Soon after that, he was drafted in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens as the 132nd overall pick, but eventually suffered a career ending injury. As a consequence of this, he developed a lifetime skill, one that can make a difference in the world. A skill that saved his life, a tool that gave him clarity in seeing his vision. The key to HQT. Higher quality thoughts: Meditation.

Using meditation as the primary tool for recovery from his depression and loss of identity, he found his calling of helping people find their vision and balance in the game beyond the game, life, turning that into his purpose and life goal. Daniels’ book, Mindfulness for the Ultimate Athlete: Mastering the Balance Between Power and Peace, helps athletes and high achievers reach their ultimate potential.

From an athlete who realized his dreams of playing in the NFL and going on to live a thriving and purpose-driven life, Daniels’s message is nothing short of inspirational. He has helped not only professional athletes but business owners, CEOs, high achievers, parents, teachers.

Today he is a mentor, a motivational speaker and an experienced meditation guide. He continues to find joy in helping others overcome their struggles. It is accurate to say that he helps all kinds of athletes, because in this main game called life, we are all athletes.

In this episode, Prince shares his mind-blowing story of success and hitting rock bottom, and how choosing meditation over suicide helped him survive the toughest moments of his life.

Learn more about Prince Daniels Jr. here:

Instagram: @princeadjr 

Get his book Mindfulness for the Ultimate Athlete: Mastering the Balance between Power and Peace here:


00:03:40 - Prince's journey into NFL

00:26:00 - the 1st workout after which Prince passed out and his promise to himself

00:37:27 - the moment of recognition and pivoting

00:49:41 - rehabilitation & working on self-worth

00:59:10 - the story of how Prince made his choice between suicide and meditation











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